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Buy and sell gold online and make money referring new accounts

BullionVault is the world’s largest online gold market where you can buy and sell gold at current market prices. Trade any amount of gold (starting at one gram) 24 hours a day.

With BullionVault you become an online gold trader, dealing directly with other BullionVault account holders. As you are dealing directly with other buyers and sellers, you pay only a small brokerage fee, bypassing gold dealers and their expensive trading fees.

BullionVault enables you to own professional market gold and keep it in any quantity in officially recognized bullion vaults in Zurich, London, and New York. Your gold is held for a low monthly custody charge.

BullionVault always maintains your gold deposit. Your gold is always there, unlike some gold trading accounts which operate unallocated gold accounts.

Open an account at BullionVault and begin trading gold.



Refer prospective gold buyers to BullionVault and make commissions on their trading.

By referring new accounts you get:

  • 25% share of commissions
  • A further 6.25% share of commission on new accounts referred in by those you introduced

Commission income is paid out at the same rate on repeat business for a full 2 years from account creation.

Commissions are paid into your account instantly and is available for immediate withdrawal.

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